a systemic approach to connect people to resources

"If you are not online, you are in decline" 

These words from Congressman Emanuel Cleaver underscore the need for digital transformation support for entrepreneurs in the digital divide. In 2011, McKinsey compiled the first comprehensive study on the impact of the internet on growth, jobs and prosperity. This study showed that while there is fear of job loss through increased use of the internet, their data reports 2.6 jobs created for every one job lost. Another finding was 75% of internet impact rises from traditional industries. Research shows consumers and entrepreneurs are the big winners. 

In contrast, Founders and entrepreneurs at the intersection(s) of race, cultural, gender identity, and geography are struggling to embrace digital capabilities in their business and personal lives to start businesses, grow their businesses and ensure the viability of their businesses and livelihoods.


Technology. Training. Resources. 

digital equity begins with access

COVID-19 drove home the importance being digital nimble - able to work remotely, take opportunities across industries or geographical boundaries. The same is true today - after listening to the stories of hundreds of people, side-hustlers, entrepreneurs and community members it's become clear that the need for meaningful, no-strings-attached connection to technology, resources and training is necessary.
Access to computer technology hardware such as laptops, printers, desktop computers and more
Technical training and digital literacy skills that teach you what you need to know
Valuable referrals and connections to the wide range of resources Kansas City has to offer -- whether it's getting a business license or helping you with your business taxes, we'll do our best to make meaningful connections.

Get Connected to the technology and resources you need to start or grow your business